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Lisa Affordable Website and WordPress Design & Development Services

I’m here to make sure you and your brand shine. 20 years of experience & hundreds of wonderful clients.

Affordable Local Website Design Development in Blue Ridge North Georgia

Clean, beautiful, responsive, social and inexpensive WordPress website development & design by broadcast, digital, website media professional Lisa Jacobi.

  • Removing mystery & confusion from Web design
  • Typically completed within 10 days to 3 weeks
  • Every project is responsive and custom-designed
  • Rates are straightforward & extremely competitive
  • Professional, friendly & easy-to-understand service
  • Every Web site can be easily updated and changed by you moving forward – no more “tied to the hip of a web developer” situations
  • Your new Web site will include self-managed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) areas  for Google, Yahoo and the like = keeping you out of the clutches of tricky, unscrupulous SEO *experts*